Amazing Facility for Desert Safari in Dubai with Skyland Tourism

There can be not anything more tempting and enticing than enjoying the mystic hues of natural world in a land well-known for the vast area of sands welcoming visitors in its attraction. Dubai has superbly transcended from a desert safari into a land of visions and amusements food preparation to the happiness of all coming to see the wonders of this position.

Owing to the attractiveness of this escapade fun, a number of tour operators offer pretty a few worthwhile packages exciting those who want to seek this fun on the sands. This seven to eight hours desert safari bonanza does not bound itself to the bash in the dunes but comes with a put together of a fun overflowing evening that surely cannot go for a neglect.

Facilities Included

Pick n drop

Most of the tour operators make possible the ride for the passengers with a pick and drop understanding. The trip for the safari usually commences at 3:30 p.m. with the operators plummeting the adventure seekers back around 9:30 p.m.

Dune Bashing

The 4×4 drive takes you on a rollercoaster ride in the desert safari with the wheels dancing on the sands. Once your driver finishes off with the dune bash, you can also sand board a while difficult your balancing skills on the vast breadth of sand.

Traditional Shows

Keeping in mind the Arabic flavours, there are a number of conventional shows prearranged to entertain the people coming to enjoy the desert safari. There can be no improved way of making the tourists explain with the culture than the enjoyable shows.

Henna Painting

One can enjoy the desert safari perfumed hues of Henna while picture some exotic and stunning designs or drawing a tattoo giving a new style to your look.

Quad Bike Ride

Sit on the routine quad bikes and go for a fun filled ride on the spiritualist sands of the desert safari. After getting the necessary instruction, one can amuse himself with this ride. The minimum age boundary for the bike ride is 15 years and one needs to put on the helmet and the spectacles before setting off for the travel. Mostly the bike ride is not comprehensive in the desert safari package and one has to pay independently for a quad bike ride session.


Camel Riding

A number of camels can be encountered in this fun ride and you can also try your assessment skills sitting on the back of these flora and fauna and taking a unforgettable desert safari ride.

Traditional Bedouin Setting

After a toiling day basking in the sunlit sands and dashing in the dunes, the amazing Bedouin styled sitting agreement gives an energizing break to all the funs enjoyed through the journey. There are multiple memento shops where one can shop always reminisce one of the memories of the desert safari journey. The harmonious Arabian music being played in the backdrop gives a soothing assistance to the ears.

Barbeque Dinner

A tasty meal is in the waiting after all the fun and thrill of the daylight hours. The table is set with a number of oral cavity watering Arabian delicacies from the silky hummus to the misty grilled chicken and meat kebabs. The vegetarians won’t go dissatisfied either with a choice of menu cooking to the veggies as well. Limitless soft drinks and mineral waters are also comprehensive in the meals.

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